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When do I need an Emergency Plumber?

Do you know when to call an emergency plumber?
London specialists ARD Local Ltd cover all eventualities.

Finding a good emergency plumber in London can be stressful. People prefer to talk to a plumber they know, and who will come out in an emergency and make the best repairs for a reasonable price. At ARD Local, we offer professional service at good rates, giving you peace of mind.

There are some plumbing problems that can wait until the next day or until Monday morning without causing you inconvenience. Others need to be fixed as soon as possible; to prevent flooding and water damage, or to ensure that you have heating and hot water for your family or your business. As an established emergency plumber in London, we are regularly called out to fix a wide variety of problems.

In general, you should call an emergency plumber in London such as ARD Local if:

- You have water leaking or gushing anywhere in your house or offices
- Your toilet is blocked
- You have burst pipes
- You have no water flow at all
- You can't turn the taps off or on
- You damage the water pipes or supply when doing DIY
- Your water supply is discoloured

How much is an emergency plumber in London?

An emergency plumber in London will cost more than a general plumber. This is because they need to be available at short notice at any time of the day or night, during bank holidays and at the weekends. Just like any other profession, non-standard working hours are charged at a higher rate. At ARD Local, however, we endeavour to keep the cost to the customer as reasonable as possible, and to ensure that the work we carry out really does fix your problem.

At ARD Local, the majority of our business comes from recommendations or existing customers. We don't need to advertise our London emergency plumber service because our service speaks for itself. Our telephone line is operational 24 hours a day and we can cover central London, the M25 and surrounding areas from our three offices. When you next need an emergency plumber in London, give us a call on 01959 525999.

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