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Drains cleared from £29.50 per half hour

Subject to terms and conditions, min. 1hr + VAT

Pipe Relining

ARD Local can reline most pipes by way of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and minimal disruption to the surrounding areas. This method is suitable for sewers and vertical rainwater down pipes etc. Our company have been able to save up to 75% of their customer drainage using this method, which has proved to be very cost effective.

10 year guarantees are given with all our work, this process is accepted by local authorities' loss adjusters, surveyors, civil engineers and architects.

Here we have two engineers that have just finished high pressure jetting the drain system to remove root penetration. They are now preparing to reline the drain system to prevent the roots from coming back into the drain.

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These images show ARD Local preparing to reline pipes and some of the equipment used.

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