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Patch Lining

Drains cleared from £29.50 per half hour

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Patch Lining System for Pipe Repairing

The patch liner is mixed with resin and an inflation tube positioned inside the patch liner.

  • The patch line (once inflation tube is inserted inside) is then placed in the pipe at the point of repair and inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Once resin has cured, the inflation tube is deflated and removed from the pipe

See figure below

Patch lining repair technique

Patch Line Repair System

The patch liner/pipe repair system ARD Local uses gives you convenient and cost effective repairs without excavation, the patch system produces a permanent, high quality repair in clay and plastic waste/surface water and pipes for 600mm length repairs of 100, 150 and 225mm diameter pipes.

We can repair offset and open joints, cracked pipe work, roots intrusion and other infiltration.

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