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Olympia Village Drain Relining

ARD Local were called out to Olympia Village, where our CCTV survey discovered a seriously cracked drain.
This drain was 40m long and located 7.5m deep, and was cracked near the delivery gate entrance.
To replace the drain would have meant excavation of the whole area which would have caused immense disruption to the daily operation of Olympia Village, taken over two weeks, and cost approximately 120,000.
By using our expertise to reline the drain, ARD Local saved time, created virtually no disruption, and saved approximately 100,000!

Commercial Drain Relining Here we have one of our specialist drain relining engineers at Olympia Village, London. He is measuring out the drain liner and getting ready to add resin and activators.
You can see the main delivery gate which is the main entrance for all the large exhibition delivery lorries.

Cold cure lining This picture shows our portable 1,000,000 BTU boiler.On this project it it is being used for our cold cure lining, bringing it to the correct temperature to set the liner off at 60 degrees, giving a stronger chemical bond.

Commercial plumbing - Resin for Drains

Preparing to  Reline the Drain

Engineers are preparing to put resin into a 25ft long 300m liner and preparing to reline the drain.

Commercial Plumber relining Drain

Into the Drain

Here we have our engineer preparing to be lowered down by tripod and winch. He has to prepare himself to reline the drain system and to make sure that the liner is going into the drain in the correct way.

Commercial Plumbing - reline drain resin

Mixing the Resin

Our Engineer is mixing the resin before pouring it into the liner.




Commercial Drain Relining

Feeding in the Liner

Our engineer is in the drain system feeding in our inversion bag to carry out a cold cure in the liner.

Industrial Plumber - inversion of drain liner


Engineers are allowing water to run into the calabration hose so that we can invert the liner into the drain. This method is called "inverting".
It allows the circulation hose to flow in freely and ensures that the liner is boiled at the correct temperatures.
You can see pictures of our boiler trailer on site.