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How can you help your emergency plumber?

Waiting for an emergency plumber?
London homeowners and business can help make the plumber's job easier.

If you have discovered a plumbing problem and need to call an emergency plumber, there are a few things you can do to make everyone's life easier. Advance Reline Drainage have been operating as an emergency plumber in London for several years and we have put together a list of things that it helps us to know, and ways you can manage your problem whilst we are on our way to see you.

When you contact us

You've discovered you need an emergency plumber in London - and you decide to call us. Our telephone lines operate 24 hours a day, so you can call us as soon as you know you need help. We will need to know the following things:

- Your name and address
- The nature of your plumbing emergency
- Your telephone number

This information will enable us to reach you quickly, or call you if there is an unavoidable delay. It will also help us to start diagnosing your problem before we get to the property. We will give you a guideline time for the emergency plumber's arrival and we will identify ourselves when we arrive at your property.

Waiting for your emergency plumber

While you are waiting for assistance from your emergency plumber in London, there are some simple steps you can take to minimise the potential damage caused by the water in your building:

  • Turn the water off using the stopcock. This is usually in your kitchen, under the sink, but may be elsewhere in the downstairs area of your house or office building. Stopcocks need to be turned clockwise to stop the water flow.
  • Once the stopcock has been switched off, turn on your down stairs cold taps. This will remove the excess water from the system.
  • If the water is running near or over anything electrical, turn the electrical supply off at the fusebox.. Water is a good conductor of electricity and it is extremely dangerous to mix the two.
  • Turn the central heating off if the leak or problem is with your central heating system. If you can, drain the system.

All of the simple tasks above will help your emergency plumber. London homeowners and businesses can follow this advice to reduce the amount of time that the emergency plumber needs to spend on your premises, making the whole process quicker and easier for both parties.

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