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Commercial Plumber and Pipe Fitting in London

ARD Local Ltd offer a 24 hour Emergency Plumber call out to London customers. We use our expert plumbers and pipe fitters for Commercial Plumbing, Industrial Plumbing, and also Domestic Plumbing.
All work is carried out by highly skilled professional teams, who are constantly trained to comply with the latest legislation, especially current Health and Safety Regulations. All our plumbing work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre required specialist disabled toilet and shower facilities. The Centre has one of the oldest and largest hot water heating systems in the UK, which had to be preserved for its historical value.
ARD Local were commisioned for this extensive and complex project, because of their reputation for technical expertise and professional skill.

Water Shut Off

Shut off the Water

Two of our engineers starting to trace the valves in the basement boiler room that controls all the hot and cold water to the Centre.
We had to shut down a section to allow us to cut into the heating system and renew several radiators and rerun pipe work.

Hot water system

Tracing Continues

ARD Local Engineer working alongside the Crystal Palace Boiler Room Engineer.
This is an excellent view of one of the oldest hot water systems in the UK.

Pipework Freezing

Melt Down

Tracing complete and correct valves identified and shut off. This system is so large it took 3 Days to cool down!
ARD Local Engineers, now working in an enclosed confined space, freezing the pipework with Nitrogen so they can cut in new valves

Valve testing

This is tight!

Again working in a very enclosed space, our Engineer is testing the new valves for leaks

Underground Drains

Drainage - but mind your head!

Drainage pipes being fitted to underground drain system.
Fitting through concrete voids and installing fire proof collars.

Commercial Plumber shutting off valves

Standing at last!

Fitting the new hot water shut off valves under the disabled shower room to the old boiler system.

Commercial plumbing pipe Fabrication

Specialist Fabrication

ARD Local had to fabricate and fit specialist cast iron gulleys and steel
brackets to take the disabled showers.

We had to rerun plastic soil pipes
into existing drain system via the enclosed confined spaces above

Industrial plumbing - Specialist Gulleys

Nearly There!

Finishing off the tiling around a fabricated specialist 4" plate drainage gulley for soil water collection

Industrial Plumber - Install dock end Packs

Final Connections

Installation of the Disabled Dock M Packs for the restaurant toilets.