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Drains cleared from £29.50 per half hour

Subject to terms and conditions, min. 1hr + VAT

Blockages Clearing: Drain Blockage Inspection and Cleaning

Blockage Clearing Equipment

All blockages can be cleared by using High Pressure Drain Jetting i.e., sinks, toilets, baths etc.
To clear pipes which are hidden in flooring and ceilings etc, a piece of specialist equipment with a rotary cutting device attached is used to make light work of clearing stubborn blockages. Once Blockages are cleared the CCTV is then used to inspect and ensure all blockages are cleared.

Larger rotary machines are also used in the more commercial and industrial buildings that are able to cut along 35mm - 100mm pipe work.

HP jetting will clear most blockages, root intrusion and remove fat and debris build up in the drainage system.

Failure of Drains

Drainage is never a problem until it stops working. Everybody's drainage system needs cleaning throughout at some point in time, fat, grease, silt and lime-scale inevitably accumulate reducing capacity and flow and can even cause a total blockage.

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